What does it cost to rent our Condos?

You can find the the exact cost by clicking on our availability links.

Unit 612, Carlos Pointe Beach Club

Unit 4F, Coquina

Unit 26, Boardwalk Caper

Unit 526, Boardwalk Caper  (This unit is currently rented long term and is not available for seasonal rentals) 


CoolThe cost depends on several factors...

Which Unit are you interested in?

Our most expensive unit is 612 Carlos Pointe Beach Club because it is located right on the beach.

Less expensive is Unit 4F Coquina.  It has beach views, but is located a few houses back from the beach.

The Boardwalk Units are the least expensive.  They are located on a deep water canal with boat dock included.


When are you interested in renting?

High season is the winter months.  The least expensive time to rent is in the fall.


How long do you wish to stay?

Significant discounts are given for longer stays.


Is there a Special Running?

We often run specials throughout the year